Today we see ourselves as contributors to the success of our family, our business and our church community. We measure our worth by the demand that is placed on our abilities and capabilities. If people are asking for our help or asking us to contribute our talent, we have a sense of value and it causes us to feel that we are exceptional human beings. After all, God did give us our abilities and our gifting and he does want us to use them, doesn’t he? The gifting and talents that God has given to us were never intended to puff us up. Those abilities and capabilities were invested into us so that we can use them to build others up, not ourselves. Like transferring funds from one account to another, God’s intention is for us to transfer the deposits of him in our lives to the empty and overdrawn life accounts of those around us. Our satisfaction comes from watching that transaction take place, not in the part we have played in it. As a leader, make an account transfer today. Move some of the gifting and talent deposited into your life into the life of someone that God has placed around you for just that purpose. Try it and watch what happens.