There is an interesting principle in God’s Kingdom that is 180 degrees from the way the world works. Have you noticed that whenever we are lacking something; finances, resources, energy, encouragement, friends, confidence, etc., our primary objective is to “get” whatever it is that we lack. Self help books by the millions are sold for this very reason. The world says if you are in need then get out there and get what you need. As Christians we do the same thing but we try to “holy it up” a bit by talking about our need in prayer meetings and occasionally even praying about it. We even try to sanctify our approach by using nice ‘Christian’ terminology and language. But underneath it all we are really living a “woe is me” life; the need is our obsession and we remain obsessed until the need is met. Our focus is primarily, if not entirely, on ourselves. As we turn our attention away from ourselves and trust God to be true to his word, we can then focus on others…others who are in the same desperate needy state that we are experiencing. As we give to them from the very need we are experiencing, we experience God working 2 miracles; he supplies their need through you and he supplies your need through giving from your poverty rather than your abundance. The greatest gift you can give is one given from your need. Try it and watch what happens.