19 years ago I was faced with a dilemma, a crisis of faith. I had been walking with the Lord for 6 years, studying, listening, learning and praying. I thought I was leading a victorious life for Jesus. Life circumstances changed and I found myself laying in a hospital bed near death for the first time in my life. As I took stock of my life I became profoundly aware of something that shocked me. God showed me that although I was his child and had been doing the things Christians do, I was in fact trying to “do my own thing’ and asking God to bless it rather than seeking that which He had planned for me to do. I thought that by experiencing worldly success I would then be able to afford to venture into Kingdom endeavors. Like many others, I spent most of my prayer time asking God to bless what I was doing so that I could reap the benefits. As my heart tenderized to the truth, I began to yield my life to the point that I uttered these words for the first of many times “I will go wherever you tell me and do whatever you tell me to do, I belong to you.” My life and my walk with Jesus changed forever that day. Set your plans and expectations aside…yield your life today. Try it and watch what happens.