If you are anything like me, you have a hard time remembering names. I like to say that I can remember faces but names are a bigger challenge. The truth is I have a hard time with faces too. I was recently impressed by a pastor that remembered the names of each of my children (6) as well as my wife as we prayed together after an hour long meeting. Well, God knows that some of us have better memories than others and I believe that he offers grace to those of us with shorter memories than others, but what we fail to see is the importance of a person’s name. God spoke specifically to Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Peter and Paul and did so by calling them “by name.” When Jesus spoke to his disciples he called them by their names. Names are important for us to remember because a person’s name is important to God. As we initiate and build godly relationships with those God has placed in our lives, we need to recognize that one of the first steps is acknowledging them by name. It is impossible to build a godly relationship without remembering a person’s name. Try it and watch what happens