As we build relationships that will impact the Kingdom of God, it is important to move from a name into recognition of value. After all, the value of each individual is a primary motivation for our coaching. God really does have a plan for every individual. Everyone has been created to complete the “works” God has appointed them for. We often hear these ideas and many of us have said them to others. But, the labor of the coach is to help someone discover what that plan is and to engage in the works by faith. If we are not motivated by love (regarding the other person above ourselves) then our coaching will fall short. A good coach is willing to encourage any player, but cannot coach every player. You are responsible to coach the players appointed to your team. The first step in discovering who is on your team is to ask God to give you a deep heart ache for the ones he sends your way. When your concern for the success of someone else surpasses the concern for your own success, you may have discovered someone to pour your life into. Look closely at those around you and listen to your heart. Try it and watch what happens.