My heart is to minister God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration into the Church. Today, over 25% of women and men in “evangelical” and “fundamental” churches have had at least 1 abortion experience in their life. Beyond that, over 70% of the women and men in those same churches have a history of sexual immorality; many still in bondage to it or affected by it today. Some of the ills of the church today; the breakdown of the family, the mass departure of our young people, and the sexual immorality among our teens, can be directly and indirectly attributed to our past sexual immorality. Only God’s love, forgiveness and restoration can change that.

I have prepared a message series that brings our brother’s and sister’s face to face with a loving God who desires to see them truly walk in the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Through my own testimony I share the power of redemption over past sexual immorality and how God uses our redeemed past to become the pathway to our purpose as ministers of the Gospel.

The introductory message is a 30-40 minute presentation that focuses on the good news God offers to those who have experienced sexual immorality and abortion. I touch on the consequences and how those consequences affect people’s lives; especially how they affect the life of a Christian. The purpose of this introductory message is not to point fingers or identify those who have experienced sexual immorality or abortion. The purpose of this message is to equip people in the church to bring the reality of God’s love, forgiveness and restoration to those in their lives who are struggling with the aftermath of sexual immorality and abortion.

Over the next few days I will be sharing more of this with you. Your input and prayers are always welcome.