For 25 years I have struggled with my own disobedience to God’s word. I taught and preached about the need for us to be obedient to God or else… Yet it doesn’t take me long to slip back into disobedience, to screw up once again. I know in my mind that Jesus was perfectly obedient to Father but I have mistakenly thought that he requires nothing less than that from me. When I was chosen for this team, I was given a position to play; a destiny to fulfill. It’s kind of like being drafted to play football in the NFL. I can study the play book for months but during practice I learn how to apply what I have been reading. A good coach will help me recognize that I also have to work on my strength and speed. But the real test isn’t in the classroom or on the practice field. The real test comes in the game. But games are won and lost as we learn the how to’s. Listening to and doing what the coach says isn’t always easy but as we do more of it we play the game better. Obedience is really about listening to Father in the classroom, on the practice field, and in the game. If playing in the NFL required perfect execution by every player on every play or else… it wouldn’t be long before all of the players were sent packing.