Everywhere we turn in life we are being measured. In school our performance is graded and those who perform better are rewarded and recognized. Being the teacher’s pet can be a good thing at times. In the work place those who perform better than the rest are expected to be rewarded for that extra effort. In our homes we treat our children better when they do their chores or give that little extra effort. Likewise, when we perform poorly in any of those environments we learn to expect a little less notoriety. Before too long the average or mediocre learn to accept the fact that they will seldom if ever get any recognition. Those who can’t keep up or fail altogether eventually quit out of hopelessness and they are branded as “losers.” It is the way of the world. Unfortunately, we bring this worldly concept into our relationship with Father. If we can somehow perform better, do more, or be the teacher’s pet we will make him love us more. Heaven forbid we be labeled “losers” by not performing up to standards. Yet today that is exactly how many Christians see themselves. At best they are average and mediocre; stuck in a place where Father will never recognize them. Or at worst, they have a big “L” tattooed on their forehead. Well, I’ve got news for the “successful”, “mediocre”, and “loser”, Wake Up!!!! You’ve got it all wrong. Because of what Jesus has done, the door to Father’s love is open to all of his children. All of us are precious, valuable, and loved. Your performance has nothing to do with how much Father loves you. He has always loved you completely but it took Jesus to open the door so that love could flow to you. As a child of the Father you have all of his love available to you; you are already highly favored.