Obedience to Father simply keeps you on the pathway that he has set before you; it is a momentary decision that keeps you close to the one who loves you.

I tend to think of obedience in terms of the long run. If I can be moving in the general direction of obedience to Father, over time I should come out alright. Wrong thinking! Obedience is about the now…the immediate. As I walk with Father he is constantly showing me the pace and direction he is traveling. I must learn to move with him in obedience to the moment. I cannot do that if I think that my relationship with him is dependent upon the few minutes I spend with him at the start of the day. I must learn to walk with him attentively all 1440 minutes of every day. Doing so allows him to adjust my pace and direction. Throw out the books on prayer that tell you to spend more time at the beginning of the day. Grasp the concept of being in constant communication with Father.