The end of the year has finally arrived. Later today the staff of BRWC will gather together and share ministry stories that occurred this year. As we prepare for a new year, we want to begin it in the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving. Before Jesus fed the 5000 with those five loaves and two fish, he lifted them up to Father and gave thanks. I don’t know about your specific situation today but I am pretty confident that many of you are facing some pretty overwhelming situations as we launch into a new year. Think about it for a minute. Jesus was facing an overwhelming situation: thousands of hungry mouths and only one lunch to feed them with. You know how the story goes, though. Jesus knew that Father wanted to feed them…and if Father wants it to happen, it happens.

We face impossible situations every day and I am finally to the point where I welcome that. I have finally concluded that I would rather be in a situation that is impossible without God than in a situation that is possible because of my own abilities and strength. I find both in my life regularly (you probably do as well) and I love it when God shows up—especially when the situation is impossible if he doesn’t.

As we budget and plan for 2010 I tend to focus on what we need and what we don’t have rather than on the heart of Father. Will we have enough volunteers? Will we have enough money? Will we have a favorable political climate? Will there be enough to go around? My tendency is to look at all the hungry mouths that need to be fed. Is that your tendency as well?

Would you join with me this New Year as I change my view from the hungry mouths to the Father who loves us beyond measure? Let’s lift up all that we have today and ask Him to bless it and use it as he sees fit. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on this subject