I spent the morning praying with a group of leaders from “One by One Leadership” in Immokalee; Reed, John, Dave, Dick, Sinclair, and Pastor Andre from Haiti. The heart for the area is strong and the desire is to practically meet the tangible needs of the community.

How to accomplish this is a concerted effort between the churches of the community, the Ave Maria community and University, and the resources of the Naples area. Collier county consists of one of the wealthiest communities in the country; wealth in both dollars and experience. I am awed at the talent and success that is collected here. Immokalee is also home to a relatively large Casino owned and operated by the local Seminole tribe. The local population includes a smaller population of land owners and farmers in addition to the migrant communities.

Yet the pressing need from the perspective of a Pregnancy Medical Clinic CEO is the absence of medical care for pregnant woman. PP will be present pushing their agenda but isn’t it a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the compassion and care that God’s people provide.

A recent visitor to the local Pregnancy Center summed it up this way: “ I can’t have a baby now, I already have 3 and I can’t put shoes on their feet.” In response a nearby church ended their Sunday service by asking the congregation to leave their shoes at the door as they left the service. Hundreds of shoes were collected and distributed in Immokalee. I heard they were all gone within a couple of hours.

What about you?  Will you be part of a team that brings help to those in need? Let me know.