God has been amazing during this mission trip to Immokalee. We had a great response from the banquet. Cindi and I met with Dave, Diane and 2 of their leadership team members for about 3 hours on Saturday to help them plan for their future.

Today I will be headed to Immokalee to pray with a number of those who minister in the community. Immokalee is a migrant community with groups of African Americans, Haitians, Latinos, Guatemalans, etc. It reminds me of some of the places in Mexico, the Caribbean and Africa that I have visited before.  There are parts of the community that resemble a 3rd world country right here in Florida. The needs are great especially since the tomato and orange crops have been hit hard with frost this spring. There isn’t much work for those that are here and there are a number of Haitian refugees on their way.

Pregnant women don’t have access to basic pre-natal care and little OB care as well. The clinics that take Medicaid are in Naples, Ft. Meyers and Miami, all of which are too far away to walk to. Planned Parenthood is here and most believe that chemical abortion is as well. As this ministry builds it’s “street cred” by serving faithfully, they could use short term medical teams here at least once a month doing nothing but pregnancy verification, STI testing, pre-natal exams and vitamins as well as follow up post partum and limited pediatric care. They have an ultrasound but no one to operate it.

Pray with me that God will raise up teams from existing PMC’s to send short term teams here for a week at a time. A team a month would be a great start.