There are a few questions that people ask me as I challenge and encourage men to be Coaches with the Father’s Heart.  Over the next few postings I will be answering one of those questions.  For most of you, what I say won’t seem all that complex.  Much of it we have heard before.  My hope though, is that it takes on a new freshness for you.  I know that it has for me.

It seems like every time I talk with the man who has been my coach for the last 21 years, he brings a book or books to my attention that will help me understand how to live out the call on my life to Coach Men with the Father’s Heart.  Last week was no exception.  Both of the books he suggested are important elements of the life of a coach.  We will discuss both of them as well as a number of others in the weeks to come.  Today I would like to make the first recommendation to you.  It is a small book that is easily read over a couple of days.

Golf’s Sacred Journey by Dr. David L. Cook has been a pure joy to read.  Even if you are not a golfer, it will give you some invaluable insight into the life of a coach.  You can order it on-line or pick it up from your favorite bookstore.  Or if you’re like me and tend to forget to do things immediately and then remember weeks later, you can go right to Amazon and download the Kindle version.  By the way, you don’t have to own a Kindle; there is a free download of the Kindle reader for your computer or smart phone.  My wife and kids think I spend too much time on my Blackberry as it is, but now I can read books on it as well.

Regardless of the version you choose, there are places for you to take notes as you read.  Please do that.  We will be reading and reviewing a chapter at a time and those notes will be important as we walk through each chapter.  There is a study guide available but I won’t be using that for our coaching discussions.

Please read the 1st chapter “A Fork in the Road.”  As you read this chapter, write down any similar experiences you have had in your life.  Get pretty detailed about the one that first comes to mind.  What were the circumstances that led up to the event(s)?  What was going on in your life at the time?   Who were the players that were involved?  What kind of relationship do you have with those people today?  How do you see yourself at the times you fail?

Keep these answers close so you can elaborate on them when they come to your mind later in the day or week.  Please feel free to post comments about how this chapter is challenging you.  I look forward to reading them and getting a dialogue started.