A Fork in the Road, the 1st chapter of “Golf’s Sacred Journey

Let’s relate the circumstances of our golfer to our own lives.  Have you ever faced a similar situation?  What did you do, what did you say, what did you think as it was all unraveling?

Honestly, to coach a young man with the Father’s Heart requires these kinds of circumstances in our lives.  Just as the golfer’s circumstances opened the door for a dramatic change, the same holds true for us as well.  It is from these experiences that we draw from the reservoir of hope.

In my life one of these experiences happened back in 1990.  I had been working for a small transportation company that was owned by a group of public warehousemen.  As the Vice President of Marketing and Sales, I had been fortunate to put together a new stream of income and business.  At the annual meeting of our Board of Directors, they had voted to make me the President and CEO of the company.  All of my past experience and hard work seemed to be paying off.  I had a golden parachute and it looked as though my aspirations were about to be fulfilled.

On the way home from that meeting I experienced a great deal of pain that I couldn’t understand.  I thought I may have injured myself playing tennis.  The flight home was extremely uncomfortable.  Later in the week I made a visit to my physician who examined me and treated me with a course of antibiotics and steroids for the inflammation.  After 2 weeks of that treatment my symptoms remained and my doctor referred me to a specialist.  Within the first 5 minutes of my visiting the specialist he was arranging an ultrasound examination at the local hospital.  He sent me there directly and an hour later I found myself sitting at the nurses station waiting for my doctor to call me.  When the phone rang I heard the six letters that bring fear to every heart.  I had a tumor that was most likely cancer.  Surgery was scheduled and the worst fears were confirmed.

I had finished the front 9 with a 36 but I had to press on the back nine to make something happen.  Cancer was not going to stop me.  I had worked too hard for too long.  Victory was in my sights and I was sure that I could make it happen.

As I recovered from the surgery I was scheduled for radiation therapy.  Two weeks of daily treatments and it would all be behind me.  But the radiation nearly killed me and the Board of Directors began to get nervous.  What would happen to the company if I didn’t recover?  Who would follow through on the new business that was being developed?  What was their down-side, worse case?  It all began to unravel.  The golden parachute, the business, the pay-off for all the work; all were falling through my fingers like sand at the beach.

Over the next 4 months I would try everything I knew to keep it all together.  None of it worked.  I found myself in a church pew 6 months later looking at the bulletin.  An ad for a development director at a local ministry caught my eye.  It was my trip to the “Links of Utopia.”

That trip was a new beginning for me and it is why I am writing this blog to you today.

How about you?  Have you been to the Links of Utopia yet?

As you read the next chapter, “The Links of Utopia” allow yourself to return to your own goat field.  Think about what it was like, how it felt, how it confronted you.

Add your comments to this post as you go.