Over the next few postings I will share many of the wonderful concepts of successful coaching that my coach demonstrated to me.  I have to admit that I still don’t have it all mastered but the reminders will be good for us both.


As I think about availability the first thing that comes to mind are the first comments my coach made to me.  As he introduced himself to me he told me that if there was ever a time that I needed to talk to someone or to pray with someone or if I needed to have a question answered, he was available.  All I had to do was contact him.  Now most of us have heard those words before and we have probably said them to someone as well.  The difference was that he showed his words to be true.  2 days after he said he would be available, he called me and invited me to breakfast.  It was during that breakfast that he took the first step of showing me that when he said he was available, he meant it.

Availablity means that when you say you will be, you prove it to be true.