Coaching guys with the Father’s heart
“I wouldn’t be here today except for a man with gray hair who coached me
into manhood.”—Rev. Phil Holsinger, President/CEO

I am often asked why a guy is involved with a pregnancy resource ministry; after all it’s a women’s ministry isn’t it? My short answer to that question is pretty simple; for every woman that walks into the front door of Blue Ridge Women’s Center or any other pregnancy resource ministry throughout the country, there is at least one guy involved.  For every woman who makes the decision to abort her child, there is at least one guy involved.  The reality is that guys play a significant part in those decisions.

Coaching Guys with the Father’s Heart is a unique approach based on the experience of a young guy who found himself searching for what it really meant to be a man; not the kind of man the world promotes but the kind of man God had created him to be.  He learned that as a guy, God had created him to carry his “Father Image” of provider, protector and prophet into every aspect of his life.  Being a man wasn’t about the sexual ability to father a child, it was about protecting, providing for, and speaking God’s word into that child’s life.  The key to manhood is knowing and demonstrating the Father’s Heart.

Young guys in their 20’s and 30’s today; whether they’re walking through the doors of a pregnancy resource ministry, an abortion clinic, an office, or the doors of a church need real answers about being men.  They need to know what it takes and how to meet the challenges they will face. They need a coach who can demonstrate the Father’s Heart to them.

The man who coached me into this journey said this; “you will never father well until you have been Fathered well.”  Those words are key to coaching guys with the Father’s heart.

If you are even the least bit intrigued about what I have shared, if you think the guys in your church might be interested in finding out more, let me know.  I’d love the opportunity to share how Guys with gray hair can coach younger guys into the journey of a lifetime.  Call me or send me a quick e-mail and we will arrange a time to talk about it more.

There is hope for the next generation of men and it can start with you and the men of your church. Contact me at 540 362 3007 x 210 or to set up a time to learn more.