Ok, it’s been long enough to finally say this out loud. We’ve all gone through two years of pretty intense presidential campaigning.  For me, the rhetoric has taken its toll.  I have spoken to a number of people over the last few days and their mental state has ranged from disappointed to depressed.  Talk show hosts are busy tearing apart the GOP campaign efforts and are now offering all types of solutions that “must” be adopted if they are ever to succeed in getting a national candidate elected.  One of those “musts” is that the GOP become more inclusive and to appeal to the demographic diversity of the country.  I’m ok with that basic statement but what they follow up with goes something like this, “it’s time to separate from the radical tea-party, Christian, pro-life, traditional marriage crowd that wants to get into the reproductive lives of women.”

In 2008 the GOP appealed to that crowd by nominating Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate.  This year the GOP told us that we shouldn’t abandon the party because the greater good was the removal of Barack Obama as president.  So we went along with the plan, we got behind a candidate that really wasn’t the best representative of our core values and approach to economics and government. How did that work out for us?  Well the primary objective wasn’t met.  In fact, the GOP candidate was soundly defeated (again).  And now we are part of the problem?

I don’t think so.  There are approximately 50 million of “us” out there and we need a voice.  I think it’s time to begin dismantling the “two party” system.  I’m ready to start nominating and electing members of Congress who hold my core values.  If we don’t have the numbers to elect a President, so be it; Congress is where laws are passed and policy is made.  Congress is also the place budgets are passed (if they’re ever presented) and where federal judges are confirmed.  The solution to our struggle for representation is found in having congressional representation, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

In some ways the Tea Party was a good start but by its own admission was never intended to be a 3rd party.  Judeo/Christian values, a strict constitutional interpretation based on the founder’s principles and ideas, a pro-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness philosophy toward the citizenry, a pro-marriage definition of one man and one woman for life, limited government, free enterprise capitalism, free exercise of religion (which includes Christianity), a much simplified tax-code, a restored constitutional republic, and the needs of the poor being met primarily by the church rather than the government are the core values that I feel need representation.

I really don’t care about who sleeps with whom; guys and guys or women and women, but I do care what you call that.  The God I serve, the God of the Bible, defines what we call marriage as  the relationship between one man and one woman for life. If it isn’t one man and one woman for life it simply isn’t “marriage.”  You can call it something else or even legalize it, just don’t call it marriage.

Personally, I tend to lean toward Libertarian thought when it comes to our liberty and freedom.  We all should have the liberty to exercise our “Creator endowed inalienable rights” up to the point where they begin to infringe on those same rights of another individual.  That is where our liberty stops.  A woman carrying another human being in her womb should have the liberty to exercise her “Creator endowed inalienable rights” up to the point where they begin to infringe on the rights of the individual she is carrying in her womb.  Imposing her right to pursue happiness or “privacy” at the expense of the other individual’s right to life is simply unacceptable; it is a breach of liberty and an act of tyranny.

The Constitution clearly intimates that Congress shall have no authority to pass any law which prohibits the free exercise of religion.  The founders clearly wanted no meddling or interference by the government in the affairs of any church or in the exercise of religion by any citizen.  Yet through the tax code as well as through the prohibition of free speech and free association, Congress is in fact meddling, interfering and prohibiting the free exercise of religion in a number of ways.  I really don’t concern myself with imposing my “religion” or “faith” on anyone else because I know that it isn’t even possible.  I walk in a personal, intimate relationship with the Creator of all things and He doesn’t impose himself on me.  He certainly doesn’t encourage me to do that which he is opposed to. True Christianity is an invitation not an imposition.

Compromising who we are out of fear is a deception of our enemy.  We must continue to love others as we love our God who first loved us.  We must be bold and intentional about expressing that love and we must love empowered by the love we have received.

So get filled up by our Daddy and be bold in living it and giving it to everyone who crosses your path.

We are not the problem, we carry the cure!