Over the years we’ve used many resources for printing services – always shopping for the best service with a quality print job at a good price. That has resulted in using many different printing companies, depending on the type of item we’re publishing at the moment.

Earlier this month uPrinting reached out to us with an exciting offer – year-round printing discounts and tax exemption on all orders since we’re a non-profit. This is uPrinting’s way of giving back to the community. While it’s a small thing, we greatly appreciate their generosity and commitment to helping many non-profits like us.

This effort by uPrinting is a part of their UCommunity Program, which is centered around the philosophy of bettering our world through supporting non-profits throughout the world. UPrinting supports several causes through this program, including children’s welfare and education, environmental sustainability, animal rights, health, and domestic violence awareness.

We’re so excited to be a part of this program and look forward to our new partnership with uPrinting! Thank you for investing in our ministry as we serve the women and their families in our community. Your investment in Blue Ridge Women’s Center is greatly appreciated!