Lauren’s Story

“For nothing is impossible with God” — that’s what the angel, Gabriel, said to Mary. I have heard that story every year as Christmas approaches, and not once thought of the significance of Gabriel’s final words, and how desperately Mary probably needed to hear them. Not until November 29, 2010.

My assurance came from a positive pregnancy test at Blue Ridge Women’s Center, and one of their counselors, Susie. It was surely the most helpless and afraid I had ever felt. I was filled with shame, and fear, and anger at what I had done to my life and my future.

Susie shared the positive test results with the baby’s father and me, comforted us as we grieved, and counseled us about our emotions, fears, and next steps. When she asked me what my plans were for the baby, I was more confident in that moment than I have ever been. Although I had made a mistake that would forever change the plans I so deeply desired for my future, God had already begun to use that mistake to delicately create a miracle within me. So without a doubt, I chose life, and God began to change mine.

Shortly after learning about the second heart beating inside of me, I was blessed to hear it for the first time with Susie and the ultrasound technician at the Center. With Blue Ridge Women’s Center and the support of my family and friends, I survived nine months of preparation for the future I never expected, but can’t imagine any differently.

What at one time was my tiny second heartbeat is now beating strong within what is still the best part of me: my daughter, Adrianna Grace. I know that God put Blue Ridge Women’s Center in my life to be my Gabriel, my angel reassuring me that what seemed so impossible was, in fact, possible. And that it would change my life for the better, forever.

Lauren shared this story at our 2011 Fundraising Banquet.