Tricia’s Story

When I found out I was pregnant last year, I was totally overwhelmed…and not with joy. I was overwhelmed by fear, and all I could think of was making that fear go away. I did some research online to find out about my options, and I thought that if I took RU-486 it would be like I had never even been pregnant. But then I made my way to Blue Ridge Women’s Center, and when I met with my counselor, Dolores, I found everything I hoped for during my time with her.

Having Dolores there to listen gave me an opportunity to get past my panic and the tunnel vision that came with it. I had walked into Blue Ridge Women’s Center afraid. I walked out of Blue Ridge Women’s Center still scared and unsure, but confident that I would be able to face what would come. I realized that not one scenario I could come up with was worth taking my child’s life.

When I left the Center I immediately called my aunt to tell her the news. She listened too, cried with me, and told me these words that pierced my heart: “Your mother’s abortions tore her apart.” My mother suffered through two abortions and one adoption placement, and always said she regretted the abortions more than the adoption.

My mother was more interested in making sure I learned from her mistakes than she was in looking good in my eyes. I have drawn on her love and acceptance over and over since she died of cancer several years ago. She was the bravest and most honest person I’ve ever known. By being brave and honest before you, I hope I’ve shown you the impact your gifts have had on my life, and can have on another woman in a broken place.

Tricia shared her story at our 2010 Fundraising Banquet.